A Little About The Server

Wondering what the server is like before you get into it? Here are the settings:

Server Address




Hard (Not Hardcore)


Default *


No **

* Normally, in my past servers I've changed the gamerules, specifically keepInventory as true, and mobGriefing as false

** If we ever get random people on the server, it will have to be whitelisted, but that's highly unlikely.

If you experience any problems with the server, whether you cannot connect or it's rubberbanding, or whatever, please CONTACT ME by whatever means you can think of, please. I want to know. Your best bet would be discord, but if you don't have me on discord for whatever reason, email me at

Server News! - We've Swapped It Over

I've decided to swap the server over today. There's a new map now, and it's survival. Nobody should have any op privileges, everyone is on equal terms. Normally I'd like to set up a starting area in case anyone started during the night, but... Screw it. We're going full vanilla, basic gamerules and all. The server address HAS CHANGED to just

Happy Hunting my dudes.

- Arestephes (31/10/2019)