Website - Beta Testers

I'm currently looking for people to help me test website functionality before it's rolled out to the public. If you have any interest in becoming a tester, contact me. If you don't know how to do so, you are sadly not fit to be a tester. The testing will mostly be mundane tasks, with the end goal being to try to break the website. Beta testers will recieve the "Beta Tester" title when user titles are released.

- Arestephes (04/11/2019)

Minecraft - We've Swapped It Over

I've decided to swap the server over today. There's a new map now, and it's survival. Nobody should have any op privileges, everyone is on equal terms. Normally I'd like to set up a starting area in case anyone started during the night, but... Screw it. We're going full vanilla, basic gamerules and all. The server address HAS CHANGED to just

Happy Hunting my dudes.

- Arestephes (31/10/2019)

Website - Holy Hell, Let Me Tell You

Today alone I've put 5 hours into this, but I've never been more happy about my website. In the last update about the website, I had an issue with the webserver. For some reason, I couldn't get google's free SMTP service to work with outgoing PHP emails, so I decided to go all out and just rent one, more configurability, and everything is in my control, I also went out and made my website secure, SSL BITCH. Long story short, after a long day of configuring, googling and such, I'm now the proud owner of, as well as a secure connection website! Once I've got the mailserver all configured, I will continue in programming the rest of the user registration so we can have some users!

- Arestephes (30/10/2019)

Website - For Anyone Who Cares

I've managed to get the SQL Server (The database that stores user data) running successfully, and I've started creating the registration system. In its current state, it works. However, there is no way to verify accounts through email verification codes because I cannot send emails through the website. It used to work, and it no longer does. So this is where I stand, a broken email server. I may continue without the email verification and throw it in at the end when I've fixed it, but this feature wont get rolled out until I complete everything anyways, so that's where it stands. Broken. I either have to find another way to verify a user, or fix the current one. All the code works, it's just a network configuration or webserver configuration problem. Just need to do a little digging to fix it.

- Arestephes (26/10/2019)

Minecraft Server - Survival Mode, Coming Soon!

I've decided to open the server to survival mode on November 1st, so that's a thing. Just thought I'd put a date out there if anyone was interested. I hope to see a few of you there once it goes survival. Reminding you now, the server address will be changing from its current port to the default, so if you try to connect after Halloween, make sure you change the server address to

- Arestephes (26/10/2019)

Minecraft Server - What Time Works For You?

I'm going to attempt to find what time of the week works best for everyone to play, and these times will be "active times". Click here to access a poll where times that everyone is commonly available to play will be gathered to determine what time(s) of the week will work best for everyone. The poll will be running for 2 weeks, so everyone has a chance to get their times in. The poll closes November 3rd.

Mind you, this isn't when the server will be exclusively open, just a recommended time to play. This way the likelyhood of running into other players will be increased, if you wish to play alongside others.

- Arestephes (20/10/2019) Edited (21/10/2019)

Minecraft Server - What's To Come

Here is a list of things that might possibly change in the days to come. Everything will be changed on the same day, and a date will be announced in a future post.

  • Server Address - The server address will be changed from port the current to the default, when the time comes I'll let everyone know how to change over.
  • Gamemode - The server will be set to survial, with all default gamerules. The current creative world will be archived, and a new one will be generated in its place for general survival gameplay.
  • OPs - Everyone will lose their operator status, disabling commands for everyone.
  • Difficulty - The difficulty will be changed depending on preference. A poll will be taken to see what the resulting difficulty will be.
  • Player Slots - Four more player slots will be added for a total of eight, not that I think eight people will ever be on at once, but because I feel four is a little limited.
  • Whitelist - A whitelist may or may not be implemented, depending if the server every gains random people joining (unlikely, but possible).

Until a date is picked where everything is changed over, the server will remain as is in its creative state. If you notice the server is offline for whatever reason, or that it is unresponsive, glitchy or slow, contact me immediately.

- Arestephes (16/10/2019)


Hi, I'm Arestephes. I've finally figured out what I want to do with this website. It will be a social website for my friends and I that wish to participate. A hand-coded place of wonder. I've owned this domain for a few years now, and I never really knew what to do with it, but I've finally figured it out.

This will be act hub for the minecraft server, where news can be posted about it, mostly events, or happenings with the physical server. There will also be news posted about Runite Adventures, my web-text-based RPG that I'm working on. At this time, there is very, VERY little progress made, as I'm still working on building the engine for the game.

Progress will be very slow for Runite Adventures, unfortunately. Especially that I now actually have a plan for this website. The goal for the website is:

  • Login System - Standard user system, login, profile, privileges, etc.
  • Messaging System - Inbox, ability to recieve, send, delete messages.
  • Admin Post System - Ability to make website-wide posts like the one I am writing here without having to write directly into the webpage.
  • Minecraft Server Interaction - I may potentially add a way to see the minecraft server status on the website. I.e. if the server is up, how many people are online and who. That part isn't too difficult, but I want to add a way to chat with people in the server from the website. Not even sure that's possible in a vanilla server, so we'll see I guess.
  • Runite Adventures Integration - If everything above is done correctly, it should all be accessible from within RuAd, making it easier for user interaction while playing. RuAd users will be the same as website users, and registration would be possible from either platform. This is the biggest goal, and will really get me going on Runite Adventures.

If you're interested in checking out my current progress, a goals and progress page is available to track it. I'll try to keep it updated at least once a week, and every time it's updated, the date will be replaced with a "Last Updated" marker.

I really want to complete this eventually, but I need help from all of you. I tend to drift away from projects, and if you notice that, mention it. I'd really appreciate it. I hope that we'll all be doing something on here one day.

- Arestephes (16/10/2019)